Our vision is of a world where humankind is self aware, present and fully conscious thus having a harmonious relationship with Nature, the Earth and the Universe as a whole ‘

Our mission is to deliver knowledge based on a holistic and complete view of the dynamics of nature to address the challenges that humanity is facing today.

Do Good Academy creates a speaking platform for spiritual speakers, alternative thinkers, conscious business leaders, teachers and visionary thought provokers.

One of our main objectives is to provide educational opportunities that can empower people.

We facilitate this through a coherent understanding of insights and implications, offering events, workshops, talks and retreats that cover topics spanning from nutrition, holistic therapies, mindfulness, environmental solutions and eco friendly technologies, biodynamic agriculture and much more.

We also publish relevant books on the Romanian market and we provide access to resources including interviews, podcasts, articles and reviews.

Because we love the planet and the people on it we sustain projects that have the potential to impact the environment and society and we constantly promote products and technologies that can solve some of humankinds’ most fundamental challenges.